At Minimax, our mentoring system is designed to help clinical service capability and the growth of your business. Minimax mentor will personally help you through everything about implant surgery from case by case analysis of your patients, treatment planning and surgical guidance.


Minimax has been dealing with a variety of implant surgery cases, and we aim to share our valuable clinical data with many dentists through the MINIMAX IMPLANT RESEARCH CENTRE, who may have recently started working with us or may be interested with the use of our products.

We regularly research clinical cases, and will place Research Centre Standing Banners and Certificates at your clinic if you are researching with us. This would not only inform your patients that you are an implantology expert, but also maximize the trust and satisfaction of your patients towards you. Most of all, reserching dentists continually check up the prognosis of patients with our clinicians, to confirm the safety of our products, and to investigate the NEEDS of our clinicians, by continually maximizing the strength of our products. This is the reason for selecting and running the MINIMAX IMPLANT RESEARCH CENTRE.